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I think this feature is new. Has anyone used this option? If so how did you make out? Do you get approved right away or do they keep you in mind if they can't fill the shop?

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I've used it several times. I've gotten my requested fee more often than not. There's one that I really wanted to do, but never heard back...I assumed my offer was too high, but the shop is still open. I also don't see a way to change your offer after it's been submitted.

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I've had good success with this feature. I usually keep asks under $100 for shops, so nothing too outrageous in my opinion for distance, tolls, and time taken into consideration.

@clinen11 wrote:

I've had good success with this feature. I usually keep asks under $100 for shops, so nothing too outrageous in my opinion for distance, tolls, and time taken into consideration.

It has been reported that they pay for tolls as an expense separate from the fee so no need to include that in the amount of your offer. I guess no harm in asking, but the offer may obviously not be accepted if too high.

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I've only see Make Offer a few times. I've tried it twice, but someone clearly underbid me because I got no response.
Same here ^^. I got a phone call once saying my offer was accepted, but for a different day. I wasn't going to be in that area on that day, so I declined. My other offer was meager, $5 above base fee, and wasn't accepted.
They do cover tolls. I should have worded differently, but in my area, tolls will run me $12.80 for a trip :/ I always try to boost the ask just a smidgen.

I've made a few $25, $50, and $75 asks that were accepted this month but it's last minute. Usually I get them for $5-$25.

90 days to the date another post about this topic was discussed. And the MSC is still trying to get shoppers by advertising----"Make an Offer'. Go figure. Those shops must be hard to fill. smiling smiley smiling smiley
Oops, sorry I did a brief search to see if this had been discussed and didn't see anything. Since this was the first time I saw the "make offer" button, I figured it was new. Didn't think to look back three months. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. I appreciate it!
I've seen this and made an offer a few times but never heard back and didn't get assigned the shop.
Okay I put in an offer for $90 for a shop.

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Do you have to submit a receipt for the tolls? It's only $3-4 total, but it would be nice to have.
I have done a few shops with Market Force but I dont see the option to make an offer. I mostly use the Eyes On app for Market Force shops. How would I find the "Make an Offer" feature?
LOL! Let us know how it works out for you! I just submitted an offer for $30 on a $20 shop

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@eyelove2shop wrote:

Hey! They just accepted my offer for the <<<<<,oopppps, this was an ICA violation >>>>>> shop!

That's good news!

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Ive used it, tomorrow Ill be doing a grocery shop that was offered for $7 and I asked for $29. I always throw out a bid wheb I see them, how high I go depends on whether I really want/need/have time for that shop. Im not busy tomorrorlw, so $29 is good enough! I rarely get approved over $34 though.
Welcome to the forum, Leslie. The company we are discussing is Market Force. Market Force uses self-assign, but they activate "make an offer" on some of their harder-to-fill shops.
I just used it. I asked for $50 for a client I've never received more than $24 on. I've seen others here share they have attained around $50. They called me as expected. They were ready to hang up on me for anything over $24. I at least confirmed their max they can offer me (or in my area) so accepted the $24 fee. At least it is also a casual restaurant with reimbursement and it's not too far off path for my evening commute home.

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I did not even notice this feature! Thanks for pointing it out! I just tried for one...we'll see what happens!
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Um, folks, watch the ICA violations.

Everyone's mentioning [removed](opps).

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Well, when I went back to try the make an offer, the shop I was considering was gone. So maybe next time. On another note, I'm not too thrilled with the new format. It takes a very long time to search for available shops. I've already gotten frustrated with it.
I offered $65 on a shop, I happened to be in that town and the shop I was on took less than 15 minutes and I thought it was going to take an hour, and the $65 I offered on a cheap cell shop that starts at $8 and it was assigned to me in less than 10 minutes. I always offer 8 times the original fee and add a dollar for the burger joint that I do that doesn't pay enough. I always get my offer, although hardly ever within 10 minutes.

You seem to want all companies and their information...

@LeslieKay111 wrote:

Can you tell me what companies are using this feature? I would like to try it out...
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