Service Check payments late

Last month, Service Check advised that payments would be made early -- on Dec 30 rather than Jan 15. They were not made.

I have long defended Service Check as they are a great MSC to work with -- good shops, great schedulers, fair fees, clear shop guides & etc. While I do not mind waiting waiting two more weeks to be paid -- it is actually better for me to take the income in 2017 -- I don't like the false promise of early payment. Its just not a "best practice."

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I received mine on January 6. The only inconsistency I've found with them is some shops have been paid earlier than in the past. The recent payment was from a shop completed 11/30. Normally I would expect the payment around January 31 or February 1. A couple of times in 2016 shops were paid out near the end of the following month instead of the second month.

I wanted to add this. I never saw any notice of shops being paid early. Was it in a shop notice email?

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I also was paid on January 6th, right when I expected to be paid for shops completed in November. I did not see any notice containing a promise of early payment either. I'm curious how the promise was made since I completely missed it.
@LisaSTL wrote:

I never saw any notice of shops being paid early. Was it in a shop notice email?

It was a comment on the previous Paypal payment notice.
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