Is Ath late again...anyone?

I got an email today which told me that an early November shop would be paid on 2/10/17. And that was AFTER I had to pester them (3 emails in three weeks...good ol' Ellen B. finally returned my email) ...3 months is a 'longish' time frame, I think. Anyone else having problems with Ath's payments lately?

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I did a shop on 11/17 and got paid last week. However, on their site it states the pay date as 1/10/17.
These shops are paid 90 days after completion. I now get paid by check and not through Is anyone else experiencing this?
Still have not received my payment for my November shop. I just emailed Ellen on it. This marks the 3rd time in 10 months they been late on payment when they were always on time previously. I would advise against working for them at this point.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
I completed a shop 11/14/16. Submitted and attached all docs. Their system would not have allowed me to submit, had the docs not been attached. I got an email 12/13/16 (an entire month later!!!) saying they had reviewed the report and I did not upload a doc. I replied that their system would not have allowed me to submit if I hadn't but uploaded anyway and asked "This is a one month delay in reviewing. Will this affect my payment date?". I was told it would not.

I'm finally annoyed today and emailed the person that had reviewed. She told me "I don't handle payments. You should contact the person who assigned you". That email was deleted in November, obviously. Replied and asked her a name to contact and she replied with "her boss's"contact name and email. I email the boss and she says I didn't complete the project until 12/13/16!!!!

I will never shop for them again.

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No problems. Just wish they put guidelines out before one has to accept a shop. I accepted $75 shop for opening a credit card at a store and read the guidelines after I was given the shop and told them no. I suggested my husband do it as he shops. Instead he picked up the $140 shop.
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