Ath Power Consulting lowered their fees?

Does anyone know why Ath Power Consulting lowered its fees for its shops?

Is this because shoppers accepted shops with low fees?

I used to complete a mortgage shop for them which used to have a standard fee of $90, and now the fees dropped down to $35.

I mean come on guys. Why are shoppers accepting shops with deflated low fees? You're showing them that by accepting these shops, you're fine with getting paid less. And then, they'll continue to keep doing that because they think it's fine for everyone else as shoppers. Are you really going to show them the type of work and labor you do is worth that much? Are you fine with getting paid less?

So to those who keeps accepting lowered shop fees, please stop for everyone's sake. The type of work we do as shoppers takes dedication, on top of handling our own expenses. You're ruining it for everybody. Eventually, the fees will get so low that you're going to keep accepting shops, even if it's less than minimum wage. And then, in the end, after all expenses and taxes are taken into account, you're basically working for them for free. And if this trend continues, you're working at a loss because of higher standard of living and inflation.

Just look at what happens when people don't accept a shop. The fees then gets higher. I've seen a banking language shop offer from them jumped from $100 all the way up to $200. Why they are raising it up that much? Because no one is accepting it (on top of how rare it is to find a shopper who is bilingual)!

So just please stop accepting shops until the fees get higher. It's not worth it in the long run. You're digging your own grave, and possibly this industry as a whole.

- From a shopper who studied economics in college.

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A person who studied economics in college should be well aware of the basic "supply and demand" curves.

It is the MSC's responsibility to be profitable.

It's a fight right now, with companies offering rewards for submitting reviews and/or surveys on a customer's experience. If they can get the feedback they need from these low-cost alternatives, how can a MSC compete?

Mobile apps that offer tiny pay for quick shops, completed on site and paid in 48 hours or less...rising overhead...increased competition, fewer customers....

While I never (any more, anyway) accept a job at base pay, I would not insult any one who does. We do not know why they take the shops. Maybe they are "newbies", paying their dues; maybe they are picking up a few shops during their lunch hour or on their way to or from work, as a matter of economic survival.

And face it, some people just don't do the math. For me, there aren't enough working hours in the month to make enough money to live on if I net less than minimum wage.

And I suspect thousands of people earn a few hundred dollars a year and either through ignorance or deliberation, fail to file/pay taxes on the income.
I noticed that also. The account open shops have gone from $100 to $85.

"Life is a fight...FIGHT!"
Don't take them. They're likely starting the month by offering the lowered fees because they are a business, and it's commonplace to ask for things they know are pushing the limit. If they ask for something completely ridiculous, they know they're likely to be met halfway.

If we don't accept their offers, they'll have to offer higher fees. Supply and demand.
This complaint has gotten me thinking, and I'm not sure how to respond. That seems like good logic...if a bunch of shoppers revolt it may get better. But also that's how things go all the times with businesses a lot of the time. In tight, competitive markets, protests tend not to bring more money to the workers.

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They lowered the fee on the notary shops too -- started at $15 instead of $20, now up to $18. I'm holding out too. Yes, they have every right to make as much profit as they can, but they are also taking the risk of losing loyal shoppers who find other companies to work for. Hopefully as the month goes on things will go back to normal. I do wish more shoppers would do the math on low paying shops and realize that they aren't making much money -- the more peope who give in to lower pay, the lower the pay will go.
I'm for us making as much money per shop as we can, so can the more experienced MS's please offer us newer MS's a list of typical shops and what we should hold out for at a minimum ? For example; Inquiry at a bank about opening a account but not actually opening one - $25. TIA.
Realistically, $85 is still the highest fee that I have come across. Even the check company doesn't pay that high on the first run.

$85 is $15 lower than the fee from a few months ago, but still higher than Maritz' $60 and Pinnacle's $55. I think they are still worth doing.

"Life is a fight...FIGHT!"
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