Any companies that do Tire Rim shops?

Do any companies do tire rim shops where you can get a rim reimbursed, even a part of one? I want to know if anyone has ever even heard of this happening? I just want to know before I start searching for the company. I don't want to waste a bunch of time if they don't even exist.

I have like three rims with dents in them. I had one to begin with and then the spare we bough a few months ago was apparently damaged when we bought it, serve us right for getting a used one, and then I just had a blowout that destroyed another rim. SMDH. How am I gonna pay for all these? Lol I hope secret shops.

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I haven't saw shops geared directly towards rims, but I've seen a few different types that state any service. They offer X amount towards a service plus a fee, or they offer a flat rate fee. I did recently spot a service shop for $80 flat rate of any service, which could pay a chunk on a rim. I had a road hazard happen shortly after getting my Equinox and a rim ran me $112+garage fees. $80 would have made that much better for me at the time and I would have gladly done a shop to get that discount, but no such luck as it needed done then and there. Search around on job boards for service of any type shops and check with companies to see if rims count. I have saw some shops with "tire changing" or other service... listed. I'd ask them about the "other" service and if a rim would count. Heck, $60 off a rim would be better than a full out of pocket cost.

I agree. I'm so frustrated I was on my way to a oil change shop that was over 2 hours from my home. My tire blew out like three miles from the shop. I got my spare put on and as driving to the shop. I called the scheduler and she said I could buy a new tire instead for the shop. I get there and they let me know that my tire isn't the big problem. My car was driving weird the whole way to the shop. Apparently my control arm bushing was about to go out. I asked them to check the other side and it was apparently even worse. They said I couldn't leave the shop bc I would likely die. They showed me the actual issue and I called my brother who was a car guy so I know I wasn't getting screwed. Anyway, they said they couldn't do the service until the next day bc all the parts places were closed and they would call me in the morning and see if they could get them. So, they gave me a loaner and I left. I had to get a freaking hotel! Then I called the scheduler again and she said as long as they work on my car I can do the shop. I stayed in a hotel. I had to get dinner, breakfast, and lunch. I spent a little over $500 on the service. They asked if I wanted to do the oil change anyway and I said I didn't think I could afford it anymore. So, I didn't get the oil change. I paid and drove back home. The scheduler was supposed to call me in the morning and she didn't. I called to check with the scheduler and she tells me I still had to get the oil change so they won;t be paying me or reimbursing me. I'm sooooooo angry about it. I lost over $600 on that shop and I'm getting paid nothing.
That definitely sounds stressful! I would save emails in instances such as that to see if you could have any leverage. Sometimes schedulers make promises that their managers will make them keep if it's something significant. I'm fortunate to have a new-being paid for-under warranty car but the bill eats up my money each month. Still, there's a comfort to it.

Everything was over the phone with her. She says she made it clear that it had to be one of the listed services, but she didn't make that clear. She also promised the shop time would be extended so it wouldn't drop out of the system since the service wouldn't be done till the next day and the shop was due before then. It dropped out anyway! I asked her to check and see if they could do a bigger reimbursement or a little more bonus since the service charges would be so high and I had to get a hotel room. She said she would call me back in the morning and then she didn't. I called her just as I was getting close to my home and that is when she asked if I went ahead and got the oil change. I'm sooooo mad at her. Uhg.
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