Anyone heard of Market Alert Ltd?

Alright on my local Craiglist board I saw an add that with a little research that lead to Market Alert Ltd.

They are offering $150-$235 per shop, and they are banks. To me the second I see anything over $100.00 I see red flags and want to check with my fellow shoppers to make sure these guys are on the up and up, and should I be aware of anything if I applied to them.

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If they are offering a website, I'd investigate the site further and check to see if they have BBB ratings and so forth. If they're offering money to do a shop and are new, might be worth a shot to check one out. Generally, bank shops that offer that much money are going to check your credit score so you'll get a hit on it for having a hard check done. I avoid those unless the money is just entirely too tempting. Remember, they can see who has been checking up and when! The money does sound iffy, unless it is a credit inquiry shop or one of those shops where you have to spend and buy something and get reimbursed. It's so disappointing when an $80 shop is actually a $15 shop that requires a $65 purchase

I'd be happy with a $15 shop that reimbursed $65.

It sounds kind of sketchy, OldDog. Never heard of them but that sounds a little high for an unknown company. If it were Informa or one of those established MSCs who does studies and high end banking, I would find it more plausible.
[] .out of Canada. I checked out their website and I don't see where a Mystery Shopper signs up. Perhaps someone sees that. They seem to have a lot of famous clients. Is this the company or a scammer pretending to be the company? Do Canadian MSC's normally pay $200 for each assignment? I would go to the web site and call them. I would do it myself tomorrow just to see what they say.... The site seems to be lacking in some areas but I say a phone call and what comes out of their mouths would be enough for me to base my decision.
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