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I completed a shop where I had to purchase a phone with a $40 plan and then return the phone within 72 hours. I followed all the instructions but was charged a $75 restocking fee. I was told that I would receive the money back. After several emails and promises that it will be refunded, I have yet to see it. I email every week and get the same response that they have reached out to the company and the company will reimburse me. Should I just count this money as a loss? It's been almost three months of the same responses. Thanks!

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Oh no. That sounds so terrible! Could you call the cellphone company itself to see if they could refund you the money? If it does end up as a loss, don't forget that you can write off business expenses on the taxes (I am not ask your tax preparer or the IRS if that is the case) when you have documentation. It might not be a loss if you could see that a business expense.
I've asked if I could contact the wireless company but they told me no. I'll look into it as a business expense. It just would have been nice if I could have gotten the refund back. I haven't done a wireless shop like that since it happened.
It sure sounds like you've done more than your due diligence on this one. What a bummer. Hope that it gets resolved soon!
Sorry to hear of your experience. I am glad that I avoided these shops. There is one in Cincinnati that has been there for two months.

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I have avoided those Buy and Return shops out of fear that the same will happen to me. MFI occasionally has a shop for a high-end shoe company. The key is the $300-plus shoes have to be returned the next day. Trust me, I do not want to be stuck with $300 shoes just because the clerk was having a bad day and wouldn't take them back.

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