MarketStat recorded phone call - help please

Yes, I'm new to MarketStat and to this forum. The apartment shops I'm doing require a recorded phone call prior to visiting the site. I've tried calling via the "Call Now" link within the shop details. The status shows "calling followed by the display of a PIN. Next, the status shows "finished" and a text box says "an attachment of the call will post soon to the shop itself." BUT I never get a callback. I tried to contact Sam Sharpe; no luck. I called the MarketStat 1-888 number but "no one is available - leave a VM which I did. Can someone help me? The shop is due 2/1/17 and was only assigned to me late last evening. Thanks in advance!.

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@kubdak777 try posting this in the mystery shop section with a title like Need help with MarketStat Phone call.
I don't know the answer and this is a thread to welcome newcomers. Good luck.
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