Ardent Services Lowering Fees

First it was $28, then it was $25, now it's $21. At this point, the amount of work involved minus the cost of the price of the food barely equates to minimum wage.

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It's not going to get any better when self driving cars and 18 Wheelers become more mainstream, which means millions of people are going to need new jobs. Our industry is @#$%& since anybody that breaths can do this work. smh.

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we have some time B4 this occurs. meanwhile, how do you like the 3.00 phone call shops ?
This lowered fee was already posted on another thread. Can the mods combine the threads somehow?
It would probably not be a good idea to combine two threads when one mentions a client and one mentions a MSC. The only way it would work is if the MSC named in this thread were edited before the threads were combined.
Got my assignment today and I'm trying to decide if I should keep it or decline...I can order a kids meal, but, there is still a whole lot to fill out on the survey...$21 just doesn't seem that appealing.
@SS4U wrote:

we have some time B4 this occurs. meanwhile, how do you like the 3.00 phone call shops ?

How is it that you have some time before this occurs?
I'm still doing the shops for $21. I think that's still a good fee. If I want more money, I'll opt for a smaller meal.

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I don't do many food shops, and I look forward to my (brand X) meal every month I'll order my usual entree , but add a child-sized chips.
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My first reaction was to "just say no." But because we can use coupons and order the small chips, and/or order less than a full entree of one of the menu items, I'm going to do two this month and see how it goes. I've only been getting one or two assigned each month lately, but this month I got three. I'm guessing a lot of shoppers are opting out. I might, too, if the "meal downsizing" I have to do in order to keep the same profit margin means I don't get enough to eat or don't like the menu option(s) I'm left with. When they dropped the fee to $25, I had to give up either the drink or the meat on my salad. Looks like I'll now have to give up the salad and opt for a two-taco order.

The only reason I've kept doing these is because I like the food. The report is still a PITA if there are a lot of issues (and there have been!). If I don't like my new food order (to still make $$ doing the report), I'll be gone.... Between having to stay in-store at least 30 minutes and doing the report, it's still a 1 to 1 1/2 hour job (the latter if there are several issues to address). Not worth it if I clear less than I was at $25! I'd rather eat there on my dime, order what I love, and not have to do the report....

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The reports back when they were $27/29 were nothing close to the value of when they dropped to $25. The reports can be written in 20-30 minutes, depending on how you work on the report. So still worth it for me.

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The shops are a pain in the keister with piddly details and narrative. I do not do them anymore.
The company showed how much a bunch of d-bags the employees are. I declined my shops this month and said I would do them again if the fees returned. Guess what happened? They deleted my account.

Oh well. It showed Ardent had no intention of going back to their previous fees. There are an abundance of FF joints I can shop for pocket change.
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