Ipsos website issues?

Is anyone else having trouble with the Ipsos website? I'm trying to input a shop. It's hung up two times at the exact same place (where it asks why I had to wait more than five minutes in line). I ended up having to reboot my computer, and of course lost all info I had typed.

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You have a sample of the form. Write your answers in word, and cut and paste it into the report. Sounds simpler. About the length of time write into it also. Plus you have a copy of the narrative you will eventually submit. smiling smiley
I use the Ipsos App on my smartphone. I enter all the info right there in my car after I have completed the shop. Usually takes about 5 minutes. The good thing is that if I missed looking at something I can just go take a quick look. I've never had a problem with it.
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