How big a deal is it if your report is 10 - 20 mins too late?

Today was my first time doing a mystery shop for MARKETFORCE. After getting home, I started watching a movie, and suddenly I realised it was 00:15 !

I instantly started doing the report, but will they make a big deal out of the slight tardiness? Will they refuse to pay me?

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Probably won't even notice. I think the nastygrams don't even go out until like 6:00am.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
They'll probably give you a demerit for it. They seem to like that kind of thing. You're probably ok, but they will add up.
What weatherman said. There are a number of things MF uses to demerit you. Time-lapsed deadlines is one of those.

You should be fine this time but you shouldn't let it happen again any time soon because you're a new shopper.
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