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Hello all:
Has any Canadian shoppers received a T4A notice from Premier Service for the 2016 pay? Upon checking the amount, I believe they are incorrectly applying the wrong figures on the T4A as they included the expenses spent on shops as pay,
For example on a $27 gas shop, $20 is spent on gas ($17) and miscellaneous ($3) in shop purchase. So you are really only "paid" $7 to perform the shop. However, they are including the full $27 as shop fees. This means we are paying income taxes on the gas we purchase.
This is not the standard practice as I have been with many other mystery shop companies for quite a few years. Only the shop fee should be included in the T4A, excluding the expenses on the shop.
I have already emailed about this. Can anyone shed any light on this please?
Signed .... Civic82 not too happy

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I have done a few $17 gas shops ($15 gas and $2 store purchase) and noticed that on the statements it lists $17 as payment. Not sure why. Let us know if you find out anything from them
Premier is very clear about the number on the T4A being the gross amount you received. You need to claim your costs as expenses. If audited the CRA will expect receipts.
Yes, that means extra work for us on the taxes. I have dealt with about ten other MSC's. Premier Service is the first to include purchase reimbursements as shop fees. I understand where they are coming from but at the same time, I will stop mystery shopping for them before reaching the $500 threshold.
I give them credit for a quick response.
Civic82 still not too happy
I supposed you do If you are abiding the rules to the fullest extent. BTW, Premier Service's response was that they were audited back in 2011 and were advised to follow that practice. How unfortunate.
I have never received a T4a from them or anyone else. Do you have to make a certain amount?
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