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I have the opportunity to do a casino shop for Intouch Insight. I am new to the company; this would be my first shop with them, and it appears that it would be a very detailed report (considering that it's an overnight hotel stay, as well as evaluating numerous areas of the casino itself). It is for reimbursement only, up to $500.00. Does anyone have any insight (no pun intended) to these reports, and how big a risk is there of losing money out of my own pocket? That's a lot of time and money to risk for someone who has never shopped for this company. I'm not even sure how I am eligible, but I'm considering.

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I haven't done any casino shops for them, but I can vouch for them. They pay quickly (up to 4 Fridays after, and I have been paid as soon as a week after). The shops I have done have very little narrative, almost all multiple choice.
Are you sure it isn't reimbursement + $500 fee? That's a pretty standard fee for a hotel/casino job. If it's reimbursement only, you'd be a fool to do it.
I declined it. Yes, believe it or not, it was reimbursement only. We have plans to spend a weekend at this particular casino anyway, so I thought maybe this would be a worthwhile shop to at least cover expenses. The guidelines look pretty rough though. They'll have to find someone else, or come up with a fee. Thanks for the input!
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