For TrendSource (The Source) shops, is a backup shopper THE backup shopper?

If a TrendSource shop has already been assigned and another person requests to be the backup, if the backup offer is accepted by TrendSource, is that person then THE backup? In other words, does TrendSource accept backup offers from several different people and then will select one from this pool should the original shopper fall-out?

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@Traveliz wrote:

They send an email to the list of back up shoppers and first to accept gets it.

Thank you!
The Source/Trendsource enjoys making people battle for jobs, like a pack of dogs going after one piece of meat. I have never understood why this company does not do the professional, respectful thing and simply assign a job to the next contractor in line who applied. If a job does not have the self-assign option, I do not bother with The Source anymore. I am fed up with getting the "you have been assigned, now go confirm online" emails, only to find out someone beat me to it.
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