Is anyone familiar with this company? It is not on the official list of MSCs. I'm wondering if it legit. Thanks for any input.

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Companies use ISS to schedule their shops. ISS isn't a MSC per se but you can create a account with ISS and then see MSC shops. I've scheduled many shops with ISS.
iSecretShop is good for finding jobs, but you must scroll and scroll and scroll to see what is available. I wish the company would compact the postings somewhat.
Don't forget, when you complete a shop through the app it is the MSC responsible for paying you and who you will need to contact with questions, not ISS. It seems most of the MSCs include their payment terms in the contracts you sign through the app.

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@christyvad wrote:

Is anyone familiar with this company? It is not on the official list of MSCs. I'm wondering if it legit. Thanks for any input.

isecretshop is not a mystery shopping company. It is a platform, like Sassie, Prophet, and Clientsmart. Any assignment you do using the isecretshop platform is for an individual mystery shopping company. You report to the company and are paid by the company, not by isecretshop. Several mystery shopping companies, like Goodwin, Jancyn, Mystery Shoppers Inc., Mystery Shopper Services, and others, use the isecretshop platform.
I find ISS to be buggy as hell... about half the time their app lists shops but you cannot assign them as they constantly tell you to "pick another date" -- even if I go through all the possible dates the message pops up and I just wasted time. I only keep ISS around for NWLPC which is a local company and has a number of clients here, as well as BMA which posts the occasional cell phone shop which can be a nice little filler.

Personally I've found JobSlinger+ to be worth it's weight in gold... it's $18 quarterly to subscribe -- but allows you to manage all the Sassie companies in one place -- and I'd say the vast majority of companies with shops here are on Sassie. The situation may be different regionally, but if I had found ISS before JobSlinger when I first got into MS'ing, I'd have probably felt like I couldn't make a serious side income doing this and got dejected... ISS is good for fill jobs... but it seems like JobSlinger (when you properly fill it up with Sassie companies) is where most jobs are-- I've also found that companies who use ISS don't seem to pay as well as those who use Sassie. That may be a coincidence, but I know which platform 85-90% of my work comes from...

There's also GigSpot which is for ShopMetrics clients -- but it's a similar situation... only a few jobs here and there, and they don't seem to pay well... Ipsos and Coyle who are on ShopMetrics and have a number of jobs here aren't on GigSpot so I find I have to log into their sites manually to look for jobs.

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