RBG - Did you receive payment via Paypal today?

Has anyone received a payment via Paypal today for which they have no idea what it is for? I did. I've only done one shop for RBG in 2017 and it was paid a few days ago. The subject line states "Feb 2017 PayPalMassPay."

Or, is anyone aware of RBG making payments for other MSC? I'm really baffled by this payment. It was for $14.86, which doesn't match anything I'm waiting on payment for.

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I got my payment via DD on 3/9. Nothing else so far.

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I received my expected payment through direct deposit on March 9. I did not receive a payment today. However, they did just merge with another company. Not sure on the name of the other company, but maybe it's one you've shopped with before?
I was paid today for a shop I did in February, fee plus reimbursement.

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Paid today via paypal for feb shop . Correct amount

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Thank you Chris Cooper! It was Shopper's Critique.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
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