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I am really getting frustrated with trying to upload receipts on Marketforce's new website!!! I have done hundreds of shops for them without one single issue, then I got moved over to the new site and I am 0-2 with receipts.

This is ridiculous....

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Some contributors think there may be a time range when the system is overloaded. Anyone have an idea of better times to file reports? (Yes, I know there is the eight-hour time limit to file.) Is evening better than mid-afternoon for example? I was moved to the new site late last week. I did one report that went through fine. I have two to file Thursday both with business cards but no photos.

Shopping SoCal and Maui.
When i use chrome the arrows just spin endlessly so i switched to safari and it worked right away. I think that chrome and mf pictures don't jive, so try another browser instead of chrome.
Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but I had problems tonight with the website on my tablet and my desktop computer I couldn't get either to upload my photos at all... but I tried in a last ditch effort to see if the app would yield a different result and it went through fine! I have the Marketforce app but only searched for jobs on it I've never tried to submit a job on it but it worked perfectly!
I got this response from the Help Desk:
Please do not e-mail images to us here at Help Desk as we do not process them. I am showing you uploaded this with your report. Thank you and let us know if you need further assistance.

Shopping SoCal and Maui.
Hi, hoping you can help. I uploaded pictures last night and linked the one I needed. But when I uploaded my receipt there was no button to click on to link the receipt. I uploaded at the end of the report, had 7 pictures and 1 receipt. I use chrome. Of course now it shows the receipt as never being received. I emailed Help desk last night so I should be good with them. Have you ever had this happen, new web site is very confusing to me.
If you have Safari, try that, it always works for me. Chrome always hangs. You may want to try firefox if you don't have safari.
I've never had this problem before, I don't have the app on my phone but will download today so I will have safari. Thanks for the info.
I am having troubles on the IPad uploading photos because the second photo will say that it is named the same as the first photo.
Hello ladies. I'm new to the site and appreciate some advise. having a hard time uploading pictures that are good enough. Can anyone tell me what the settings should be on the samsung galaxy 5? how go I get the 640 x 480? it is not an option that I can see on the phone. Appreciate any help with this.
Is the question just for the women on the site or would the many male shoppers be able to offer advice?winking smiley

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When I could not upload my receipt I found out it was my fault. I clicked on the no receipt button without realizing it, and found out when you do that there is no way out. Luckily I was paid. Just have to slow down and take my time. I noticed when uploading pictures that you can only upload them all together at the end, not when it first asks for the upload when you are in about the middle of the report. I usually just do the one I think I will be using and at the end of the report I upload all the rest. I don't like this system but have not figured out how to upload them all when they first ask for a picture.
The 640 x 480 are for Maritz. You need an app for that, your phone won't go that low. I downloaded and used a couple of apps from the playstore but I'm not happy with any so far, I'm still looking. For MF you can use any size really but the instructions do say max at 2 mb.
Although the 640x480 is specifically for MaritzCX. There is no reason why not use that size for the other MSCs. It tends to be a more convenient size photo. After-all, MSCs have equipment to enlarge (640x480) quite comfortable.

I have yet to have a 640x480 photo rejected by any MSCs. One MSC sent me a corner of a 640x480 photo I had taken, which was a representative of there enlargement practices. 640x480 all the way, even when it is a business card only smiling smiley
Cool. But. That's like 80 kb. I mean, I don't know why anyone would want to rewind the 1990s.
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