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I recently signed up for this company. It looks like they do a lot of upscale retail shops. I would like to do a shop for them, but I would like more information before I do. For instance, one of the shops said it's a purchase and keep. However it doesn't say the reimbursement amount for me to decide if it will be worthwhile. There are also no details about the shop itself except how many questions there are in the report. I tried contacting the company for more information, but I got no response. Can anyone help me please?

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I've shopped for them. And yes, the descriptions are sketchy. What you do is send a quick email to the scheduler. These shops are super easy, ck the box, snap a pic of the exterior, compose brief narratives and you're done. I usually wait out for them to email me with emergency shops that include a bonus gift.
I have been signed up with them for a while and have not taken a job due to the same issue. I am not at all sure how difficult it will be for the fee! So thanks Monk and since the jobs vary in different markets are there others that agree with Monk? I did do one job for them when I first started and it was a lot of narrative including some redundant sections. It was okay but not short and sweet. Also, not sure if it is my email client, but emails from them to me come with a black ink on a dark blue background so I cannot read them.
No, mine did not look like that. And, if I have a hankering for something from a fancy dept store, I'll got to their job board instead of waiting for contact. If you click on "see all jobs", then drill down by state & distance radius you will often times see more than if you just wait for the email of what's in your area.
And, it is well worth the time to sign up even if you never apply for a job. One day you could very well be contacted by a scheduler with an "emergency". The bonuses have been luxury items that one could easily turn around and sell for $100. They also have had primo reimbursement shops where you keep the purchase - several hundreds of dollars. It's worth it just to get your name on the list.
The one I am considering has to do with a makeup counter. It says purchase and keep. It seems like there should be a dollar amount attached. Do they pay quickly and on time?
They pay within 2 weeks every time. I have been paid as quickly as 2 days after the shop. The reports can be lengthy and repetitive but no long narratives on the ones I've done. Some can be worth base pay if in the area where preforming other shops or as route fillers. I almost always ask for a bonus usually around double the fee and have sometimes gotten the bonus and other times not. Great MSC IMHO

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
Albatross pays promptly & when the shop is bonused quite generously. Ppl who are in areas that have upscale shops close by, will see more opportunities pop up with this company.
I did my first shop for them in February. Upscale department store - expensive purses. Report wasn't too bad and the pay was quick. Hope to get more shops from them soon!

Susie shopping the Columbus Ohio area and outlying communities.
I did a few cosmetics shop for them. I agree with Buffalo that the report was lengthy and repetitive. There were also many observations and I found the reimbursement (no fee) covered a few very low end products that I really did not need or want. I wound up purchasing higher priced items and considered the reimbursement a discount. I do like luxury items though so for me, they're worth it. Pay is quick.
For the money, Albatross shops are far less arduous than others. Last night I spent 7 hours on one report. Granted, I was being slow bear, kicking & screaming... I may never pick up one of their shops again.
@Monk-N-Nut wrote:

For the money, Albatross shops are far less arduous than others. Last night I spent 7 hours on one report. Granted, I was being slow bear, kicking & screaming... I may never pick up one of their shops again.
Are you saying you spent 7 hours on a shop from Albatross?!? What kind of shop was it and what was the fee/reimbursement?
It was a theme park shop - not from Albatross. I love LOVE Albatross shops....
Not sure if I will ever do a marathon shop/report like that again (!)
If it's the French one it tends to be about $45. I love the product so I do these shops whenever I can
Thinking about actually driving te freeway to do their upscale "city" shops. Haven't worked for them in awhile, but since their job are great and pay fair, here i go again!!!!

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