Unable to load photo to MarketForce

Any suggestions? I'm trying to load a photo of a receipt, but MarketForce's website keeps saying it's "loading." I checked the requirements on their website, and the photo is in compliance. " File size is between 200KB and 16MB.
The image is in a JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF.
The file name should have only alpha-numeric characters, which include letters (A to Z in upper or lower case), numbers (0 to 9), and a period (.). Do not include special characters such as ($ % * #)."

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It must be a site problem because I can't get my receipt to upload either. Same type of receipt as thousands of other times, must be a bug on their end. i've saved the report to go back to later. When I do get it to go in, I'll post back here.
I had this problem last night on my pc. I logged off and opened report on my iPad and was able to upload receipt photo but couldn't advance to next page. Had to go back to PC and finished report there. Frustrating for a small fee shop. Of course I'm on the new "improved" website.
I had this problem earlier this week. I resized my photos to under 1 MB and they went through easily. Try one and see if it works before you do them all.

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I had the same problem two days this week. I saved my work and went back later to add the photos.
As the OP, I finally got their website to accept my photo. After repeatedly trying to upload a photo of a receipt I had taken with my cellphone, I scanned the receipt and then used the "snipping" tool on my computer to produce a JPG version of it. That worked! So sad I wasted almost half an hour due to a glitch on their end.
Today was the first day for the new website for me. I have a ton of shops to input and the pics won't upload no matter what I do. I tried with my phone, tablet and now my computer at home. I sent an email for each one using the helpdesk link.
OP here again. I completed another assignment for MF. Of course, I had the same issue with the photos; nothing would load. I wasted thirty minutes for a few dollars pay. Finally, one of my kids suggested switching from Firefox to IE, and that worked immediately! At one point, I was so frustrated, I swore I would never work for MF again.
Update: MF responds. I think the key word is sporadic. I'm sure, well you know, it's from upload overload.

"Thanks for informing us about a problem with our website. We have received notice that there are sporadic interruptions with our system and it is affecting the uploading of images. We apologize for the issue and you will not be penalized for a late report. Please try again in a few hours if you haven’t already done so."
I just had this "sporadic" issue. I saved my report, and then pulled it up on my phone and submitted the receipt via the app. It went through easily and I closed it and returned to my computer to finish. They really need to fix this.

I enjoy awkward questions and uncomfortable silences. This gas station pavement is $%^@*#& hot.
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