Marketforce -- New Site...trying to find the dates for the shops

Just logged into the new site for MarketForce for the first time and am feeling frustrated. There are a lot of shops to be sure in the Chicago area, but I can't seem to find a way to sort them by date. At least with the old site, I could sort the locations by date. This site you can't seem to do that.

Another thing...the search by zip code is wonky too. I pulled up a zip code for shops, and it pulls up shops from 10 or more miles away at the top instead of right in that area.


Silver certified (since 2009) and willing to do shops all around the greater Chicago, NW Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin areas (including airports!.

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If you click "Remove map." more details are viewable. You can now click on any header (Shop type, date, fee, etc.) to arrange the shops in the desired order. I do like the new mapping, if you zoom into an area symbols help identify the shop type. I have also discovered a few areas near me (40 miles) that have never shown on my 100 mile search.

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