A Top Shop experiences?

I did a search and did not find much information on this company on this forum in the last year. Does anyone have any input on them?

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I did a shop for them a couple of years ago & everything went fine. They paid for a $300 home service bill, so I felt it was worth it.

The report form was a little chaotic. It was an excel spreadsheet and didn't seem very sophisticated. Still, it was fine.

I've only had one experience with them, but it was a good one.
DaScubaLady Wrote:
> Has anyone else experienced payment issues? I
> thought they had a good rep?

Call them and see if you can talk to a live person.

Companies that answer their phones make me feel safe.

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Good Advice. I sent Lori, the owner an email, but haven't heard back. Of course it's the weekend, so only us little people are working.

I signed up for two restaurant shops and was going to do one tonight, but I may hold off till I speak with the owner and confirm a few details, including reporting time, and the promise to be reimbursed by 1/15. The shops aren't due until 12-31, but I wouldn't mind going out tonight.

Have you been paid yet?
The person who reported on V reports he was paid and received a bonus as a mea culpa.

I just don't want to be here 1-16 @#$%& that the check hasn't been received --They're $85 a pop plus fees.

So no one else here has anything to say -- good or bad??
I did some phone shops for them some months ago and never received payment. During on of the calls, the target answered but he asked me to call him back. When I called him back, having already spoke with him, I asked specifically for him. A Top Shop removed me from their list because I was not supposed to ask for the target when calling. They have not paid me for any of the jobs I did this year. They owe me about 18 dollars.

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All of the above postings ( and those on the V-GOD site) indicate a bad news msc ....everybody should stay away from them.
I sent two emails to the owner, and one to the scheduler. All I received was a computerized message stating that my shops were about to come due.

I wrote again, stating that I needed to speak to someone prior to completing these shops, and again left my information.

Never heard a peep.

Last night I declined the shops. Too bad -- All I wanted was reassurance that I would be reimbursed/paid on the 15th.
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