I had some glitches using MF's app a couple of weeks ago. For one shop the location was not the one marked on the map. In the second case the app suddenly removed all of the shops in a 10 mile radius after I booked a shop--I don't mean just other locations for that shop, I mean ALL shops, food, gas retail, etc. Since I was building a route, these issues were both problematic.

I emailed the helpdesk to ask for assistance and to let them know about the glitches. I got a very terse reply, but the respondent said they would pass my request to scheduling nonetheless (no comments about the glitches).

What followed shocked me. The scheduler must have accidentally hit "reply all" rather than "reply" as I received a copy of her reply to the helpdesk. She said, "Good grief. Are you guys her personal I will cancel this one and get a new shopper out J I do not have other shops in that area."

I also received the reply to this from the helpdesk: "LOL, it feels like it."

I was reporting two app glitches and asking for help. Is this not why they have a help desk? WWYD

Incidentally, the shops were never cancelled, and I never received a direct reply from either person.

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What would I do? I wouldn't do anything. No matter what you do it doesn't help the situation. Just keep going.
That's was rude and unnecessary. That person is not a positive reflection of the company and a liability. They weren't even smart enough to make sure they hit reply v reply all or recall the message.

I would find out who her supervisor is and find a way to forward the email to them.
That happened to me one time years ago, when I was in charge of a very large retailers buying & multi-million dollar marketing budget. The person did not like something I had said and proceeded to insult me to another vendor. I responded to the email and simply told them "Thank you for the information." and hit reply all. I got a two dozen red roses the next day from the offender and never had a problem with any of them again.

So, I would definitely respond to the email, very politely, so that they know what they did. But no need to explain yourself. Just a simple thank you is plenty! That was a very mean thing to do and I am sorry that you were treated that way. It was unprofessional at the least!
Personally, I'd take CoffeeQueen's suggestion, but maybe Leslie's suggestion will get you a bonus on your next shop. It's not worth it to bring to anyone else's attention.
Could always play-it-stupid and reply back to the email with an inquiry and ask if they could clarify the email you received winking smiley Quote it back or screen shot/snippet and ask if you missed a response tongue sticking out smiley

But, I'd probably shrug it off if you get good work with them. I've noticed glitches like this and help desk always says nothing is wrong. I've gotten to where I open tabs with the shops I am applying to in my browser. I will also make note of the shop number or ID number and paste it elsewhere before assigning just in case the app or browser go wonky. There could be a Burger Shop, a Jewelry Shop, a Retail Shop, a Sweets Shop, an Asian dinner shop, and a Phone Shop all listed and once I assign the phone shop, the app blanks out or the browser does it too and gives errors. On the same note, I could put in 41701 zip code and nothing pops up. I change it to 41502 90+ minutes away and suddenly there are 14 shops in my area that aren't even in Pikeville.

I took Leslie's suggestion, but never heard anything else from either of them. Thanks for the tips Mountains Archer! I will try that next time! Like everything else in this biz, I guess it's CYA.
@stormraven73 wrote:

I took Leslie's suggestion, but never heard anything else from either of them. Thanks for the tips Mountains Archer! I will try that next time! Like everything else in this biz, I guess it's CYA.

Wow nothing. not even recognized the email. That was crappy!
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