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Did anybody get an email from Market Force stating they tried a test deposit and it failed? I have it set up for direct deposit and got paid last month. I've asked a few other people that I know that shop with them, and they didn't receive this email.

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If it has any links or attachments I hope you didn't click on then. What email address is it from?

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So it seems as if my direct deposit information got deleted. I got paid by them last month, so I'm not sure what happened. I entered in my information again, so let's hope I get paid on time. *fingers crossed*
Kind in mind, you may get a paper check. If the company has already tried to deposit funds in an account it will not usually try again. They will now issue a paper check because it is the next best thing (before one starts complaininggrinning smiley). If you have re-submitted the DD information, then DD again, will be your future payment route unless a problem arises again. BTW, most of the time it is the banks fault for the glitch. Banks aren't perfect. smiling smiley

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I have had this problem before. It turned out the bank had done updates to their system and dropped one number making it on a direct depots null and void. Check with you bank and information that you have listed.
The website MAY consider your updating your DD info as a which case, you will receive a paper check this month, and DD next month.

It's just the way MF works.
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