Viewpoint Customer Reporting - are they legit?

Hi all, this is my first post on the forum! (longtime lurker :-) ) I recently got contacted by a representative (Jeff Wustman) from Viewpoint CR, saying that they got my info from the Shopmetrics database (and indeed I'm signed up on there!) It all seems very legitimate, but what they would be asking me to do would have me putting up a large sum of my own money ($175-300). The pay itself would be good, as would be the compensation for the activity. I have to admit I have cold feet about them though, since I can't find too much info online. Has anyone shopped for this company before? Are they real/reliable? Thanks so much!

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Jeff is totally legit and awesome to work with.

He has a new project that requires a decent output of cash, so I'm guessing that's the one you are talking about. I took two of them and have no concerns. I've worked for him for him for years and never had an issue....
Well that's awesome to hear! It was totally flattering to be contacted, but as a relatively newbie shopper I can't help but be a little wary. The company seems to be pretty niche/new (?), without loads of reviews...but, it would be a pretty impressive scam given the website and documentation if it was!
Jeff has been in the industry for a while. I've probably known him for around 10 years. He used to work for a larger company that is now defunct (O&A) and started his own MSC after they went bankrupt. They are a small/boutique company, but have some good clients. He doesn't have any of the payment issues associated with O&A, for anyone that worked with them in the past. The Paypal payments always show up without me prompting for payment.

I think the majority of his shops are in So Cal and many are scheduled by an outside scheduler (Frances), so don't be surprised if you get contacted by her in the future as well.
SteveSoCal I'm not sure if I can ask this question here. Does Viewpoint Customer Reporting have shops in Massachusetts? I know they are located in Ca.
If they do would you get a bonus if I applied? Of course I don't know your real name.

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Completed my first shop for this company the other day. Was a great experience. I've talked with Jeff a few times on the phone and he seems like a great guy to work for. I look forward to more opportunities with this company.
@shopper8 wrote:

Does Viewpoint Customer Reporting have shops in Massachusetts?

They don't reall have a job board so I wouldn't know. They scheduler sends an email each month with the SoCal shops, and I know Jeff needs people in London right now.

Also, my name really is Steve....winking smiley
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