Marketforce made all shops unavailable to me due to a missing reciept from two months ago

I received an email yesterday from Marketforce, saying that they looked at all my shops over a 100 mile radius, and said I was missing a receipt from Feb. They asked me to resend it. I did immediately. But they still haven't made new shops visible to me. Has anyone had this problem?

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No. I have worked for MarketForce since 2010 and have not had that problem. After completing my reports and uploading the receipts, I have never been asked for a receipt. I have never been blocked from seeing new shops. Are you saying you see absolutely no shops that you can self-assign? Do you get an error message when you select Find Shops? Or do you not see the link to Find New Shops?
The email I received , said I cannot apply for any shops. When I login, I see my shops available to assign is 0. Normally, for my wide radius, I would see hundreds. So for now, I can't self assign any shops, since none are visible. Very strange, I've been shopping with them for almost 2 years. But we do know, the help desk takes a while to get back to our emails. Not only did I have the file of the receipt I sent them, I had the physical receipt.
I guess I'll just have to wait to hear back.
Sounds like you just need to be patient. If you sent them the receipt, wait a couple of days to email or call to see when they will fix your status of viewing shops again. They paid you for this shop without a receipt?
Uh-oh. This doesn't sound good. If you got an email telling you that you can't apply for any shops, it sounds like you may be deactivated. Since you have emailed them to ask, it's probably best to wait to see what they say. Maybe I'm wrong, because usually MF doesn't deactivate you on the first time they request something. Unless you have had rejected reports or they have come back previously and asked for more information on reports or photos, you are probably okay.
I had that happen last year and had two shops to perform. They temporarily deactivated my account, however I could log in. It was a waffle email saying that the error could be on either side. Of course I'm a pack rat and found my copy right away. I either uploaded it for the shop or sent it to them. I was reactivated right away.

I am still waiting for a response on an email I sent Sunday. I signed up for a restaurant shop which had the hours on the posting, but nothing on the CPI. I did the shop within the posted time but pointed out that the CPI said, "Anytime Open but within one hour of closing." Still do not have a response.

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thanks all, I'm hoping because I can still log on, I have not been deactivated. I can't think a reason why they would .But of course with Marketforce, anything is possible.
Not to get you worried about the deactivation, but just for information, when MarketForce deactivates a shopper, the first step is to block the shopper from seeing available shops and self-assigning those shops. Generally, except in cases where MarketForce suspects fraud, a shopper is allowed to continue to perform any shops the shopper has already assigned to themself. Usually, a shopper can continue to log into the site and access past payments and things like that for the remainder of the year. In cases where MF believes there is fraud, all currently-assigned shops are removed and the shopper is locked out completely. And MF also locks out any roommates or family members at the same time.
MF blocked me from seeing new shops until I produced a receipt. Once I mailed in the receipt and it was accepted I was able to assign shops. I don't think that you have been deactivated but you should know in a couple of days.
Thanks, I don't know why its bothering me, but I don't like the idea that they think I might have committed fraud. Funny, I actually did another shop in the same town for Marketforce , after I did the shop they are questioning. So clearly they know I was in this area on this day in Feb.
eileencear, after submitting the report, did you check the receipt status on their site to see if it moved from submitted to verified? Just wondering what the status of the receipt for that assignment showed then, or now. I routinely keep an eye on each assignment until it is approved, with receipt and CPI verified. Then, I put it to bed.
I get my direct deposit around the 11th of each month for the previous month's work. You posted that you did the shop in Feb. Did you get paid in March for the shop without the receipt?
Just had the exact same thing today. It was a shop I did on vacation a month ago. I know the receipt was uploaded at that time. Emailed them the copy instantly and have heard nothing and I'm still locked out. I can get in but not select shops.
No, I see I have not been paid for the shop where they say they didn't get the receipt. My fault for not verifying the receipt.
Is it possible you submitted an old photo or an incorrect receipt (in the past)? Each of these things (if you are a new shopper) can get you in trouble. The old photo can get you deactivated. That is one of their newest questions: "Did you take this photo today?" Not intentionally but in some cases unscrupulous shoppers submit cell phone store pics from other shop days or some even take them from the internet. Not having a receipt should not get you deactivated but they would like one, or an explanation as to why you don't have one. They are asking for and received your receipt. I would just wait and see...smiling smiley
I had this happen and the kicker was, the receipt was IN the report! This was years back when you couldn't link to receipt to the portion of all shops that required a receipt like you can now. I happened to get a meal out of town and they said if you do a shop I think 100 miles away, receipts are required no matter what. Forgetting to submit a receipt here and there for local shops shouldn't raise the red flag. They held me to this until I could fax it! I wasn't allowed to scan it or take a photo. It seemed a bit archaic - I remember paying a few bucks to fax it on my lunch break!

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Has anyone ever figured out how to print out one of their reports to keep on file (pdf)? I've tried everything and get a blank page. It would be nice to have documentation of exactly what we submitted.

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I haven't yet figured out how to get pdf, I take screenshots of any verbage I write. I like electronic records vs using my printer, a lot cheaper too.
yes, Lets see what happens. I have always uploaded my receipt when I do the reports. But of course I can't see if it was verified or not.
Saruhhh, just wondering if you heard back from Market force after sending in the receipt they were looking for.
Got a reply email yesterday that they did get my receipt and all was good. Yet I'm still unable to search for new shops.
I got an email reply today (to my reply a couple days ago asking when I'd be able to search for shops again) and I'm now able to search for shops.
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