Trouble signing up with MFI

Apologies if this has been previously posted. I received a referral link from MFI, but when I followed it and attempted to register I was told my email address is already in their system. So I send for a password reset and get an email that they do not have me in their system. I've tried with the only two emails I could have POSSIBLY used and am getting nowhere. I sent an email to their support team as recognized and got a canned response about them being busy. Does anyone have an advice on what else I might do to get this resolved? I've been all over their website and cannot find a telephone number to call.

Many thanks from a new shopper.

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Since you have already sent an email to support and got the response that they are busy and will get back to you, my advice is to be patient and wait for them to get back to you. It usually takes a day or two for MarketForce support responses, and, in this case, I am betting is will take at least a couple of days. This is a holiday weekend. I would bet you won't hear anything until at least Monday or Tuesday.
You are correct, thanks. I'm still in that phase of "RAWR I'M NEW MUST GET ALL THE SHOPPSESSES MY PRECIOUS".. lol. I appreciate your words. ~J
It could be almost a week before they get back to you. I sent an email to them and it took that long before they got back to me, and even then they didn't answer my question.
new to this sort of thing ...... what should i ask for .....what should i be on the look out for?...... please give me some pointers
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