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Just anyone having difficulty logging in to the Marketforce shopper website today? I am having issues with both the app and the website. I emailed the help desk earlier today and called to leave a message, but no return contact so far after several hours. I was unable to access my instructions for a shop today because of this and therefore unable to complete the shop. I must admit that I have been disappointed in the recent lack of and delay in return contact from Marketforce over the last several weeks. I am new to this specific forum so any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have had so many issues with their website that I haven't done a job for them in a couple of months.

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I have worked a lot for MF but am truly disappointed in the website. I want a copy of my reports and can't get them! However, the schedulers are great!
I too want a copy of my reports! Maybe their afraid we'll sell them to the competition.

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I am trying to submit reports right now, I was able to fill out the first set of questions asked for all shops and now the loading has been blinking for over 5 minutes...I tried to enter another report, same thing happened......anyone else????
The problem is still not fixed. I've been trying to login for the past few minutes. After I click on the login button it says "processing" and doesn't change. Looking at the browser, it doesn't appear that anything's connecting. Highly annoying.
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