Canadian Mystery Shopping Companies

I am new to the Forum, and looking for more companies to work for. I currently work for 4x companies and its going well. Can anyone recommend more.

Thanks Debbie

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Debbie work your way down the list at the bottom of the page; many US companies have shops in Canada. Jobslinger can also help, most of the jobs on there will already been gone, however, you will get an idea of what companies have shops in your area, and with which companies to register. Remember however that clients move around and new clients come along, so just because a company has no work for you today does not mean they never will.

Presto Maps is also very helpful for finding shops (and the companies that offer them) in your area.

Good Luck!

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper

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Debbie, Lady Marius is right. I am in Alberta. I went down the list and signed up with nearly all of them.
Most of my work is with performalogics, consumerconnection, service evaluations inc., intouch, shoppers confidential, Bare, an occasional shop with wecheck, frontlineshoppers, intellishop, Maritz, SQM, Marketforce, Service Metrics, Maritz.

And it changes. The shop I was doing a few of each month with Alta360 has gone to Marketforce. Pays to be signed up with as many as possible.
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