Biggest bonus (PAD) you've been granted from Trendsource?

I see ridiculously small suggested PAD amounts in Trendsource's emails for shops they are having trouble filling. It's generally a measly $3 or so more they say is pre-authorized. Do they ever throw out real money?

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I did an in home health care shop. The rep was to come to my home, and I perform the shop. The pay was $15. They added $35 PAD.

I was doing a highly bonused shop that was 60 miles away. The Source had an inspection shop close by that had been sitting on the boards. I asked for $20 PAD. Denied.

The weekend printer shops depend on the location. One time I lucked out and the shop walking distance from me had $9 PAD.

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I have had every PAD request denied. Instead they say they will let me know by end of day. They then hope someone else comes in with a lower bid. On the occassions I've tried this another shopper comes in lower. They get the shop and I never receive the promised phone call from the scheduler. I no longer respond. If I don't want the shop at the stated fee, I just don't take it.

I am really fed up with this MSC right now. They put out a propert inspection Friday morning. I requested. It seems sometimes I can self assign, others I can't. Anyway they drag their ass assigning a shopper. I could have easily completed the shop on Friday when I requested it. I could have easily completed yesterday or today. But no, they will assign it to me on Monday. I will then have to figure out how to squeeze into my limited weekday schedule (I work full time). What kills me is that I even confirmed via email correspondence, when asked, that I wanted the inspection. Still nothing.

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I only do shops within 10 miles of home for them and they have a ton for me, so the pad never applies. We know they do not offer the big bonus that many get, a couple dollars here and there is the norm. I love this company (out of CA), and continue to work for them, having just updated my background check. They pay the quickest, have shops close to home,and are the best as far as answering question and offering help. Never had a problem they didn't solve. Being in CA, they have many shoppers, hence, low pad...out of towners or routes out of state, I can't speak for.
edited to add: love that I can self-assign and they assign shops quickly, except for Business Verification having to check you out, and use the same few over and over...happily, I'm one of them..

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I don't chase PAD with this company. I have been given $20 for an emergency shop but that is very rare. I regularly (once or twice a month ) get $8 and $12 for some shops a little ways away. But I don't ask. I just wait for them to ask me. I am happy to help them out when it's beneficial for both of us. When they aren't calling or texting me I keep busy with something else.
I once got an additional $17 or $18 for a quick assignment five miles from home. Like any other MSC, if they need a job done right now, they will pay.

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The highest PAD I've ever gotten was about 6 months ago, when my $25 PAD request was accepted to do one of their grocery shops that was a 44 mile round trip shop. I've since put in for the same thing, but have not been accepted again. Someday......they'll give it to me again (hopefully).
I've gotten $80 for an hour an a half away shop. I made an offer on a shop 2 hours away but I could have taken the other 3 they had on the way. She got someone else to do the 2 hours away shop (most likely for less than I offered) but they did not complete the 3 other shops that need to be done. Now they are scrambling to get those done. If they ask me it'll be twice the price now!
My highest ever with them was a grocery shop that was about 45 minutes from my house. I believe it was a holiday weekend and they couldn't find anyone else to fill it. I was super busy so I offered to do it for $150 extra. We settled on $120. I used to do grocery shops for them pretty regularly for $11 (the one in town) and $50-$60 (the one 45 min away) PADs. I guess they've found someone cheaper to do them though because I'll only do them once every month or two anymore. I only do their on site inspections with $20+ PADs.
I've has good success getting 50 cents a mile round trip. It takes a few days to get it approved though.
A year ago August... they paid $100 for several deadline shops... but most of the time, there's no PAD approval.... that's why I don't visit their site much.
I only shop within 10 miles from home for them, but the biggest PAD I have gotten was $5. They have the history of the PADs offered for different sites and have told me before "We have never had to give PAD for this store, or the biggest PAD we have given for this store was $3." If I can help them out and I need to get something at that store, I take it. If not, I tell them to call me back if they can't find anyone else.
Just did their grocery today, and love grocery shopping, bought a couple unusual things for tomorrow, 17.00 worth of food will cost me zero.....who needs a pad?

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