Warning about overlap of back to back times from marketforce

Hello: I received a warning from marketforce today about an overlap of shop times. I did make an error in recording my times, so I did my best to estimate the times. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the ending time of the first shop matched the beginning time of the second shop. The shops were almost next to each other. So, there couldn't have been more than a few minutes between the two. Is there any way to have this warning removed from my record?

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No. It is your responsibility to make sure the times do not overlap. Well if the "shops were almost next to each other" then you should have made at least a half hour between then, that way you would not have to estimate the times.

If MF paid you this time, then next time both shop will be rejected. The question you should be asking is ----->"do I want to be paid for both shops or do I want the shops to be invalidated? smiling smiley

Why do you want a WRONG on your part to be removed from your record. angry smileyangry smiley
You are human , you make mistakes. Learn from them and move on. That being said it was a mistake for which we have to be accountable. I dont think i would ask them to to remove it from my record.
Sojo917 Thank you for your response. I certainly realize what happened was wrong. And, as the following post says--I'm human. I can assure you that there's not going to be a next time. I make mistakes and I learn from them.

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Be glad you only got a warning instead of having both shops declined. No, there's no way to remove the mistake from your record. You are human and we do make mistakes. Learn from it. Don't beat yourself up. Be happy you are still getting paid. Unfortunately, in mystery shopping, making a mistake often means not getting paid. And too many mistakes means deactivation. And the MSCs do count and document the mistakes.

Be especially careful of recording times. An editor friend tells me inaccurate times and timing makes an MSC question the data accuracy of your overall work.
In the future, an easy way to keep track of your times is to just text yourself. I always text myself when I'm entering and exiting a location. The text is time stamped and it's not a piece of paper I have to keep track of. For example, I'll text "USPS in" when I enter that location and "USPS out" when I leave. That way later when I'm writing my reports I'm not searching for notes. I can just grab my phone.
To add onto what Liz said, I use the notepad in my phone to type in in/out times of the shop.
Thank you. Texting and using the phone notepad are both good ideas. I'm a new shopper still learning the ropes.

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I use an app called mystery stopwatch for all shops. I think it cost $1 or $2. It keeps track of all my in and out times, calculates intervals between markers and I think will email the info to me ( I haven't used that function).
Wwn: that's awesome! I'm going to research that now. I should have guessed there was an app for that!
I take a picture of tgecdite when I get thereand when I leave. My pictures are time stamped .
@adamaimeemom wrote:

I take a picture of the site when I get there and when I leave. My pictures are time stamped .
Never estimate times, that was your problem. Between having a pen and paper, or many methods via your phone or a tablet, there is no excuse to not have an exact reference to important times and timings. Many lazy shoppers have come here to complain about not being paid for shops, after they provided bad information.

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Isaiah58: I'm very aware of what caused this problem. This is both the first and last time that it will happen. It was an honest mistake. I can't speak to how many lazy shoppers post on this forum. I can say for sure that I'm not one of them. Thank you for your advise about the various methods for recording times.
I was not implying that you are lazy. I've seen shoppers state they estimated service timings, forgotten, guessed, etc.. bits of information. All of which they could have easily recorded one way or another before, during or immediately after the shop. Very few, like you, learn from or take responsibility for their mistakes. Sounds like you are on the right track for doing this as a professional.

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I do screen shots when I enter and exit a location, then transfer the information to my shop sheet.

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I also take a picture when entering and exiting each shop. It may be the store front, the ground or a close up of my palm. Just yesterday the sun was so bright I could not tell if my flash was on hence the palm of my hand picture.
I got the same warning a few months back. It will be my first and last as well. My mistake.

I was doing a mini route of locations right next to each other and made the mistake of using my cell phone for some times and my car clock for others. In reality, the times should have been a minute apart, but I entered the same end time of one shop and start time of another.

Now I screen shot when I arrive (start) and when I leave (end) a shop.
Could it be the company's reporting system time clock that is the problem? In my experience working retail and as a merchandiser that sometimes their system rounds time off to the nearest 15 minute block, not to the nearest minute. So, if you end a shop at 10:10am and then start another one at 10:14am that would be within the same 15 minute block. And, technically they overlap as far as they are concerned. Has, anyone noticed if this is the case?
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