MF gas mystery shop w/audit

These shops pay 50 cents more than the mystery shop. Can anyone tell me what the audit portion of these shops entail. Doesn't seem as though it would be worth 50 cents to expose myself, as a shopper.that is.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.

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I have never done one, for that very reason. I'm in a small, rural community and do shops in all the surrounding small towns. One audit would out me to every single one, because they all talk to each other
Someone on the forum must have done one of these shop/audits before, no?? The shop pays $8 and reimburses $5 for both the gas and required in store purchase. The $5 doesn't even cover the cost of the gas, let alone the required in store purchase. There is nothing in these stores under $1.50. So, technically they are reimbursing $6.50 and providing a fee of $6.50. $6.50 to take pictures that generally require you to be across the street from the location (meaning you risk you life walking across the street or move your car). And now an audit on top of the mystery shop and pictures for an additional 50 cents.

There is no information as to how to contact someone at MF for more information. It seems the only option is to request a shop, read the guidelines, and immediately cancel if you don't want the shop. But, I have to assume that goes down on our record as a mark towards deactivation.

Does anyone ever work directly with a scheduler with MF. I haven't. Hundreds of shops and everything is always automated - no human correspondence whatsoever.

I have no intention of taking these shops at the posted rate. However, I would like to find out what the audit part entails so when they begin bonusing I can decide at what point I might be interested. There are many just sitting on the boards untouched so far. Whereas the regular gas mystery shop go real fast.

Someone please speak on the audit.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
I've done lots of these! I would never touch them for $8 though! I typically get $30-$50 depending on how late in the month and the location. They typically take me 20-30 minutes where the mystery shops I can do in 10 minutes. They're still sitting on the board in my area. I just submitted a "make and offer" for $40 and haven't heard back yet.

Also, in regards to the reimbursement, I can always find things cheaper than $1.50. Suckers for $0.25, peanuts for $0.50. If you're hard pressed to stay within the reimbursement, you can usually come pretty close depending on how much gas is in your area.

I've talked with several schedulers for MF. Most of the time they call me from a CA number and they sound foreign. Other times I'll get schedulers on the east coast call. When the foreign ones call, you can negotiate more. When the east coast schedulers call they seem to have a max fee they can offer.
After the mystery shop portion, you reveal yourself with a LOA which they must sign and date. The audit requires 8-10 photos (1-2 full pump, 1-2 close up pump, 2 sides of canopy, 1 forecourt, 1 overall and both sides of the main ID sign). You have to check every pump for current signage and decals. You also have to include a photo of the signed LOA.

Every four months, my favorite scheduler calls me up to do a bunch that are 3x bonused. I made over $2000 in few days doing routes of 12+ shops a day. I would not do these unless the fee is at least $20-25.
Hmmm. I figured there was a whole lot more work involved. How long do they typically sit before you start seeing bonuses. There are some others in my state, but far away. They are slowly bonusing them, at $1.00 at a time. I guess I'll keep my eyes out to see if they bonus here eventually.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
Liz36, and anyone else, must have completed some of these at base rate or they will not offer the bonus'. If you haven't proven you can do them, and complete them properly, they won't bonus the ones that are not being taken. Correct me if I'm wrong.
I have done plenty of mystery shops at the base rate but I have never completed an audit at the base rate. I don't believe I've done an audit for less than $20. It's been a while since I started doing them but I'm pretty sure that's the minimum I have done one for. $30 is usually my standard minimum now for any type of gas audit with any company. I'm fortunate to live in an area where there are some but not a ton of other shoppers.
Yeah this is just crazy. But 3 days later and no one is taking the ones in my area. Oh well I still have 12 gallons of gas from mast weeks run. I dont want to buy more gas cans just to do shops. My garage may explode one day.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
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