Market force account deactivate

My account was deactivated last month as my SSN was not validated. I was asked to fax SSN which I faxed but after that I got email that my account is deactivated. I received two email same day from help desk one saying account deactivated and other saying send a copy of SSN and driver license. I tried calling but nobody answer. I emailed many times but no reply. What should I do?
My SSN works fine in every other companies and I never had a problem.
Should I register again or keep on emailing them.

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Don't register again, e-mail the help desk. Maybe you can send them a scanned copy of your driver's license and SS card?
If they have activated you--------->why would you continue to send your SSN and DL? It sounds like you have already sent them a couple of times so why continue? I would probably want to talk to somebody on the phone before I would continue.

You said your account was deactivated last month. How much longer are u going to put your information out there with NO response?confused smiley?confused smiley
Perhaps that was a good thing that they deactivated you to save you from future headaches. Don't bother wasting your time if you are having trouble getting your SSN sent in.
déjà vu. I seemed to have read this in another thread. Have you done shops for them before so you access your account? If so, use the helpdesk button and write your query there. If not

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