Beware of Shared Insights - Unreliable Payor

A word of caution. I performed two parking lot shops for Shared Insights in December 2016 and still have not been fully paid. I submitted the shops on time and was not contacted for any review questions, however a few months later I only received the shop fee and not the substantial cash outlay required to do the shops. After repeatedly using their internal messaging system and separately e-mailing various personnel I have finally been paid more of what I am owed but still not everything that I submitted for (and was promised by company representatives). To even get to this point it took me contacting the company multiple times to get a response, even after I was told I would get a response by a long past deadline. All in all, not a reliable company. I will not perform any more work for them.

As an aside to the pay issue, the online reports are not as easy to use as a Sassie platform report or most other mystery shop reports (read unwieldy). Bottom line, this company goes on my avoid list.

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I'm sorry you had that experience, SDS. Mine was the exact opposite.

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I am paid in full from them, but I only take shops that KSS schedule for them now.
Their phone is never answered. Sometimes, it is disconnected. Replies are random from them.
I am sorry about your parking shops. I see them and have done them in the past. They do require a lot of money, and there is no benefit to you (it's not as though you got a meal out of it). Thanks for the heads up.
I once asked them about those parking jobs that pay a fee of $5, They said it is the client that thinks they will attract someone who is staying in the posh hotels anyway ($350 a night and up) who happens to want to make $5 towards the $30 overnight fee by doing a shop. I just waited until the bonus was high enough and did a few of them. But the reports are very tedious to do. I liked their old website/reporting tool a lot better. I have never had any pay issues.
Are you sure you spelled the name of MSC correctly? Go online to your account and check the shop you did in 2016 and send them ticket for particular job. They will respond to it.

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I am having a similar issue with a car wash shop I completed for them in April, 2017. I had completed several of these same shops before and received payment promptly. I have sent numerous follow-ups on this unpaid shop and they said they were looking into it. No payment yet though sad smiley
Do you know if they have rotations for some shops? I just discovered from scheduling company that they have rotation for quick serve food shops.

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
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