Market Force and coupons

I'm getting ready to complete an assignment with Market Force for dinner. Do you know if they allow coupons with their assignments? I do not see anything in the guidelines. I did email the help desk, but may not hear anything before dinner.

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Depends on their client. From memory, some of their shops specifically stated coupons were allowed, while some stated coupons were NOT allowed. If you haven't heard back, my personal suggestion would be to refrain from using coupons to avoid risk of invalidating your report.

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I had the same question since the guidelines for a shop don't refer at all to coupon use. I'm glad i checked here! I received a coupon in my email from the client this week..The reimbursement is already $24, though, so it's not like we really need a coupon on this one.

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How does a coupon affect timing? Just say

CB combo 7.00 regular price

CB combo 6.00 with coupon

If they are both in the computer and you most of the time you dont start timing till after you leave the counter with your ticket abd drink
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