Service Metrics Canada doesn't treat their Shoppers Fairly!

Recently, I have assigned 8 audit shops from Service Metrics between May 25 and May 31. There were 2 of my stores have some issues so I got a notice from Service Metrics last week that they needed to be delay the audit on May 30, 31 or Jun 1. I told I planned to conduct one of the “delay” shops along with two other “non delay” shops on that weekend, May 27 & 28. In such circumstance, I might have a concern for the store arrival time since I would had to go after my office hours. Therefore, I requested if they could extend the latest shop time from 1 hr to 15 or 30 mins before store closing just in case of unusual traffic, etc. (They required all shops must be conduct 1 hour before store closing) The miscommunication started, the field coordinator Amina Sheikh did not understand my request, we exchanged emails few time but ended up she cancelled all my 3 shops without notice. I questioned her and she responded as they could not allow me to be there 30 mins before store closing. Then she called me and tried to make it clear however I found she was still misunderstood my request, she even made up a story that she did inform to me about cancelling the shop by email but it was not in the thread! I was unhappy of her decision and pointed out they should have verified with me before cancelling. I started to argue but the line was dropped at some point so I continued my drive to the store audit as scheduled. After the first audit shop was completed, I logged on to complete the report but found excluding the 3 shops that she told to be cancelled, my remaining 3 shops were all gone. Since I was still in the store, the Store Manager was so nice to offer me a landline and a talk with Service Metrics in case of verification. I called the help desk immediately to understand the issue and asked to reverse those 3 into my account but that person could only reverse the one I just did.

At that late night, I sent a compliant email to report 1) the misconduct of Amina Sheikh to cause my loss of $100, 2) needed an explanation of cancelling my remaining 3 shops that I never asked for an extension 3) to request to reassign the shops for me again. Later, the Project Manager Candice Zavatsky got back to me with the following response. However, I still got the same words from Candice that the shops removed from my account was due to my request for late arrival.

"Unfortunately, under no circumstance, can audits be completed 1 hour prior to the store closing. Therefore, our team took the necessary steps required to ensure this shop was completed properly. If you showed up within an hour of the store closing, you would not have been able to complete the audit, especially 15-30 minutes before closing. Please take into consideration all shop rules and requirements when assigning yourself shops."

They don't admit their fault and cover up their staff who has misconduct issue. Today (Jun 15, 2017), I found they even disabled my account. An Unprofessional Business Partner I can concluded.

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I do these shops every cycle and have for about 10 years now. The shop guidelines are very specific about the timing - they must be done at least 1 hour after store opening and at least 1 hour before store closing. Think of the staff. They have to make sure all the stuff we're looking for is in place or they lose points. These shops also have specific deadlines as the stores can't be expected to keep checking on these items ad infinitum. I'm really sorry you lost out on all those shops but the MSC needed them done by a certain time and it looked to them like you were not going to be able to do that. They covered their own butt and left you in the wind. I've worked with Amina and have nothing but positive things to say about her. I'm sorry your experience was unpleasant.
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