The Consumer Insight it just me?

Am I the only one to experience this, or is it a widespread issue? TCI is a Sassie platform. I did three assignments yesterday, which went well, until I had to report. I saved as I went. In the first report, I got the dreaded "you must update Adobe again for the umpteenth time this year before you can upload photos" message. I did, and had to reboot, so I saved my report. I had not submitted any reports, only saved, and started getting messages from the editor with negative comments (of course, since they weren't complete) and low scores. The scheduler did release them to me to finish, but when I saved (complete this time), they automatically submitted again. They've been processed, without further email from the editor, but my scores on two are still 8s. (That isn't the end of the world, but it's not my fault their system has a super huge glitch.)

The questions are:
If it's not just me, is this on other Sassie sites, or just TCI?
Is this a thing now, that saving automatically submits the report in Sassie? It's been a while since I've reported on Sassie. I like that you're supposed to be able to save and check for OOPSes.

Thanks for the insight. (See what I did there? winking smiley )

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I have never yet had this happen working for Consumer Insight or any other Sassie company. Do you have an older computer? What operating system? Did you communicate with Linda or Frank? Did they tell you they are experiencing something unusual?
This has not happened before to me, either. I have a newer computer. I did email with Linda. She did not indicate either way.
I've done 3 shops for TCI in the past 2 days with no issues. Sorry to hear you're having problems.
What browser are you using? I use Chrome. I used to use Mozilla but it started acting wacky (not like yours wacky but still not good).
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