HELP! Presto Insta-shop - need to cancel. Can you?

So I saw a shop listed on the Presto app and it appeared the shop date ran out to July 6. Great because I have an appointment next door on the 6th. Might as well get $6 while I'm there, right? So I claim the shop and BAM I get a message that I've claimed the shop and it's due in ELEVEN HOURS AND 59 MINUTES. No no no!

I need to cancel the shop but can't find anywhere on the survey page, or on the map, that says Cancel Shop. Can you cancel a Presto shop, or do they just expire if you don't complete the survey? Am I right in now thinking these shops are best to claim only when you're in the vicinity?

If you didn't guess this would have been my first shop for Presto.

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I'm not sure but I believe they just expire.

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My brain expired once. I'm fairly certain it was due to attempting to read long repetitive poorly thought out posts with multiple edits adding to the confusion.

But I'm not sure.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
If you click on the 3 bars in the top right corner of the home screen for Presto Maps and then go to Help, you can search "can't complete shop" and get specific information. It sounds like Presto prefers that you manually abandon your shop if you can't perform it.

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I snag em up all the time n just let em expire. Probably have about 50 expires on my acct, but no negative issues occurred...I can still reserve and complete them if I happen to be by the store for some other reason.
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