forever is a long time... Market force question

If Marketforce cut ties with me, does that mean they will never ever accept my application again? I had tried to explain my situation with MF and talk to someone over the phone, but they wouldn't get in touch with me. Sigh. It just seems like forever is a reeeaalllly long time! It's been almost a year.

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I would imagine it depends on the reason for their dropping you. More info might help. I was dropped, I guess for inactivity. None of the available shops were to my liking for over a year. I at least got reactivated by calling, then dropped again for not assigning myself any shops. They did suggest I assign myself something quickly, I didn't.
RobG is right. It depends on the reason. If they dropped you by mistake or for inactivity, it's really easy to get reinstated. if they deliberately deactivated you, probably they will not. I know 2 shoppers who were deactivated for mistakes who apologized and said they were now more experienced and believed they could do a better job, and MF reinstated them. Based on what I hear from other shoppers, most times when MF deactivates you for a reason (whatever reason they believe is a good reason), they don't want you back. If you try to apply again, their software recognizes your SS# and rejects you.
They also cut ties with me and yes, never again had me back, although I didn't want to go back, I tried to see how fair they were and failed. My problem (as I see it) was, you couldn't work both in CA and Vegas.
Just move on, unless they really have jobs you desire, then keep application forth going. They are known to drop shoppers, I guess they like to change around and have many beginner shoppers....whatever!

Live consciously....

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They additionally cut ties with me and yes, never again had me back, in spite of the fact that I would not like to backpedal, I attempted to perceive how reasonable they were and fizzled.
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