EPMS - Ellis Direct Deposit

I've never worked with a mystery shopping company that only paid via direct deposit before. I did my first shop for Ellis Monday, but have yet to put in my bank info.

Has anyone had issues after putting theirs in? Just looking for a little reassurance!

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I love direct deposit. It's my favorite way to be paid. I have not had any problems with direct deposit.
Their dd is solid. I am always paid on time, the 22nd or the 20th (cant remember between them and another msc that pays on one of those days).
As rofl taco and eye stated, I love direct deposit. EPMS pays promptly with no issues.

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Ellis is a great company to work for. Just be prepared to spend some time on the write-up and know what you need to observe before you go.

As for their direct deposit: It's like clockwork on the 20th of each month, unless the 20th is on a weekend or holiday, then it arrive by the 22nd.

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Direct deposit is always my first choice if offered. As long as you are working with a reputable company there is no need to be so concerned. You aren't giving them any more information than you give any company when you write them a check or pay a bill via your checking account on line. When any company has a preferred payment method, those folks are usually the first to get paid, often a week or even two earlier.

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I love this company. Yes they are legit and you always get paid on the 22nd of each month. Around christmas they sometimes pay you earlier.
I just did my first shop for them tjis last pay cycle. They pay. I intend to do lots more with them now that I know they pay when they say they will.Its nice to be paid every month!
I've been with them for 2 months, and there response time is within 24 hours, and I enjoy all the opportunities they provide for me. I haven't had any issues with my direct deposit. So far i'm enjoying working with them, and there always reaching out to let you know they have more opportunities available. Im very pleased.

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I've been with Ellis since July and I have work every month, and my payments have been on time every month and sometimes a day early.
Ive been with Ellis for two years. I have completed 48 shops 6 of them being video shops and I have always been paid on time with no issues. They are awesome.
They process payments on the 7th. It may be too late to get paid on the 22nd, so you may not get it until March 22nd. But they do pay on time, like clockwork.

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