Is Market Force down for everyone?

I really don't like their new website. It just says Loading when I click on report a shop. UGH. I have tried using different browsers and really need to enter the report! Any ideas? Thanks!

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There are some threads about a different browser called slimjet where supposedly MF works.
I just tried with Chrome 59 and IE 11. It won't let me log in. The "Log in" button changes to "Processing" but nothing happens.
It finally worked. Their websites causes more stress than the jobs themselves.Thank you!
Pictures were taking several minutes each to upload last night. Now today they simply won't upload using Chrome browser without a few attempts. The sliding meter showing the upload progress travels forward for awhile and then goes backwards 75% and goes even slower forward. This is very time consuming and we are not being compensated for their website problems wasting our time.

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When I see the "loading" I hit my Chrome browser's reload button, works every time! Try that.
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