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suggestion, here...

opinions are like $%@holes, everyone has one and has the right to voice them which is a good thing. we (and certainly i) don't have to agree but it really is uncalled for to start with personal attacks for not agreeing with someone's opinion.

i'm the first one to go into "attack mode" when "alternative facts" (sound familiar?) are spewed or accusations made without substantiation and/or blatant falsehoods are posted.

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Well, here's the thing. You are going to end up disappointed more often than not, because nearly all MSCs have been a day, two days, a week late, or sometimes more on payments at one time or another. And let me explain something further: the MSC generally has to wait for all shops to be completed before they can get paid, and sometimes their clients might be late on paying them. I give them leeway on this. Just because I submitted my shop in the mid-size city where I live in a timely fashion near the beginning of the month doesn't mean that they were able to get other shops in BF Egypt completed by the deadline as well, and if their client didn't pay them on time, am I supposed to expect them to write me a hot check? No. I'll be patient and realize that sometimes chit happens, and I am reasonably sure that I will get paid because we have an agreement and a level of trust in our business relationship.
@jenniferling wrote:

On a more happy note, I was paid this morning just as I expected.

me 2, since 15th was saturday & not reg biz day for banks i dont conisder 17th a monday to be late. sundays & holidays r not usual paydays to

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
Lisa, did you post the number 8, or is that the infinity sign? Cuz it sure feels like this conversation has gone on forever smiling smiley
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