How do you do your reports for MF

I know Market Force and others MSC that have apps that you can down load to your phone or tablet and you can enter the reports on them.

My question is how do you enter your reports? On the app or on the computer.? I am thinking about going out of town and picking up a few shops.

I don't have any MSC apps on my tablet but I do have access to the net. I have always reported all of my shops on the computer. N

I would like to try one but I I hate to on mess up.


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AFAIK only a few MSCs allow entry from a cell phone to be easy. YMMV

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I am more comfortable using the browser on my laptop. I tried the app yesterday and I got confused about linking pictures. I went to my laptop and checked my report. It looked okay and I submitted it.
I often enter MF reports on my cell phone. I don't use the app, just open up the website from my Chrome browser and do the report. The only problem I have is the little bitty print, but when I zoom in so the font is bigger, half the question disappears, so I usually take off my glasses and hold the phone up close to my face. It may look weird, but it works! Yesterday, I did two MF shops close to home, but was headed to the other side of the state with no way to enter the reports within 8 hours unless I pulled over somewhere to boot up my laptop or let the hubby drive and enter the reports on my phone from the passenger seat. It took a few minutes longer to enter the report on the little screen than typing at home, but it didn't add any time to my day and when I got home 10 hours (and 385 miles) later, two of the reports were already finished.
I did my last MF shop on their app. It was okay, but a little slow because it paused briefly after each page.
The MF app is a bit clunky to me. I only do FF and FC shops for them and can get a lot of it done while I'm there. I then go into the report online when I'm at my computer to finish up.

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i dont work for mf but i do lots of shops on apps. nice not having reports at end of day.
I do all of my reports for MF through their app. I actually really like the way it works,
Just their website on my cell phone bc I do not like having so many apps on my phone.

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I have tried on my phone and it takes too long for me. I like to complete them on a computer with a regular, full sized keyboard and screen.
If I have to type more than a few sentences for a shop report, I would rather do it on my computer. I will submit shops using the Mobi Audit app for two MSCs I shop for because I don't have much writing to do with those reports. I haven't tried MF's app yet.
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