Market Force photos and receipt upload directions confusing!

Is it just me or are these instructions difficult to follow? Why can't they format their website to let us upload photos the normal way like most MSCs do?

Entering Results:
1.You can upload photos at any time; however, the entire report must be answered/filled out completely before you can link the pictures to the report questions.
2.Click on ‘Images’ to start. 
3.Click on ‘Upload Image(s)’ and the file-selection screen will open.
4.Click ‘Choose Files’ to browse to the folder in which you saved the photos. * Select the images you want to upload (hold Ctrl or Apple key to select multiple photos in a group), then click on ‘Open’.
5.To link your uploaded photos, select the desired photo by clicking on the photo on the left side of the screen and then click the Link button next to the associated question listed on the right side of the screen.
6.To unlink a photo, use the Unlink button below the linked photo for that question.
7.To rotate a picture, click on the photo and the ‘Edit Image’ page will display. Click the circular arrows at the bottom of the page to rotate the image in the direction indicated then close the window.
8.To delete a photo, use the ‘Delete Image’ button underneath the photo you wish to remove.
9.After all pictures are linked to a question, review your work to ensure you have linked only photos from the current assignment and that the photos are linked to the correct report questions.
10.Submit for Receipt Verification: This feature will allow you to use the receipt image uploaded into the report AND ALSO as the shop's "receipt" item (on the Assignment/Receipt Status Page) so that you will not have to upload the image separately on the Submit CPI/Receipts page. Click on the “Also use as Receipt” button to use the image selected as your receipt.
11.Click on 'Return to Report Shops.’
12.Don’t forget that more detailed guidelines can be found at in the attachment below.  

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I just did my first report for the new website. It sure has changed. I can only guess how photos are now handled. I was not sure how to upload the receipt.
Same here, Rob. I did my first report also yesterday. My shop got approved, but I'm not sure if I uploaded the photos correctly. The FAQs say that they will still approve and pay for the shop if the photos are not received correctly, but it will count against the shopper. They take up to 5 days to verify a receipt or photo, so guess I will see. So strange how they are handling this.
What's the 'normal' way?

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I use the app and follow the flow , upload then attach the images after entering the report. I've never bothered reading whatever instructions you posted.

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I find it very easy and logical, but like isaiah, I've never read the instructions. When I'm doing a report and it asks if I got a receipt there is a place to upload the photo right there. At the end of the report it asks me to link it with a handy drop down box right underneath. I click the drop down box, choose receipt 1 or 2 and voila! It's linked. If the photo needs to be rotated I click the little rotate button in the upper left or right hand corner of the photo. What could be easier?
That's what I've found, pretty intuitive. Someone doing this work should not have to be taught how to upload a photo. Those instructions are the same way to upload anywhere. Here's how you do it. You click where it says "upload photo" you link the photo that goes with the question by clicking on "link".
I guess I submitted the photos and receipts correctly because now the status says verified. I never did see on my screen the option to link them to the correct question. Must be the browser I was using.

@RobG thanks for understanding what I was saying. I hope yours goes through also!
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