Market Force Direct Deposit

I looked on the Market Force website and can see a direct deposit showing for today, but I did not receive it today. The website typically matches the day it hits my bank. Has anyone else received their MF payment today?

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Same here, I show it on MF but it is not in my account yet. That's the opposite of what I usually see. Most times I see the money in the account and then it doesn't show on MF until the next day.
I have experienced the same issue this month. I've emailed the help desk... still waiting.

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No DD yet for me either. I did look to see when payments hit the last few months. One shows I was paid on the 11th but it was actually in the bank on the 9th. Another shows I was paid the 11th and it was in my bank the 12th. Let us know if anyone hears anything.
The 15th - 20th is super late for the on a DD. I have never been paid even as late as the 15th in several years of working with them.
I decided to log in to MF for the first time in a while. They have a new to me IC agreement including this line, "You will be paid around the 15th to 20th of each calendar month for completed assignments received in our office during the previous month." Perhaps they have decided to pay a little later going forward.

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I'll just forward that message to the mortgage company. Very poor conduct to switch something like this with no notice at all.
@LisaSTL wrote:

Perhaps they have decided to pay a little later going forward.

It could be that they are simply repeating their payment commitment. Since they have promised payment by the 15th as long as I can remember (although they have always paid earlier), I figure every month they have been paying me early when they pay on the 9th, 10, 11th. Others seem to expect payment on the 9th or 10th since it has happened before. The precedent is that they pay early so it is expected and if it doesn't happen, it upsets their shoppers. It always surprises me that I see more annoyance toward Market Force for not paying earlier than their stated payment date than toward other companies who actually pay late.

On the other hand, maybe they have decided to just pay on the 15th each month because are tired of the constant questions about when payment will be made and complaints of lateness on forums because shoppers are used to being paid early.
I can totally live with the 15th as that is the general rule it seems with all MSC. However the 20th for DD is not what any of us had signed up for or were originally told. They have the right to change it of course, but proper notice is the professional way to do it.
They used to post each month when DD payments would be made.

They haven't done that since the switch to the new website.

I really miss that; it was cool seeing it a few days early, so you could plan stuff.
I received my DD yesterday. I used to receive it after the 10th but it is early this time. Well, long before that new website, I used to get my DD on the the 6th or thereabouts. I am not very happy with the new website.
Their website says mine was DD on August 8th but as of now, it is still not there. I have never been paid later than the 12th. This is really odd
Message on the MF website today:

We apologize that the payments were posted to the Shopper Website a day early. The ACH file is being sent to the bank today and most Shoppers will see their payments in their accounts by tomorrow. Depending on how their bank processes these payments, the rest of the Shoppers will see theirs on Monday.
On their website it showed that it was processed on the 8th. But the deposit hit my account this morning.
I wasn't expecting MF to DD today but they did and I'm thrilled. Not so thrilled that I apparently told them to put it in our joint account instead of my personal account, but I've fixed that and it was my error. I didn't think we'd get paid until next week. Getting one paycheck before the 15th makes a world of difference to me. Just checked and the check date was 8/9.
Mine usually hits the 10th through the 15th so I don't stress it unless late. But then, it's never been late. Got it this afternoon :-)

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