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Hi! I like to do restaurant shops, and I am hoping to expand to new businesses. I know that it against the rules to link specific companies with specific clients, so I was hoping that if you reply, you could just point me towards some MSCs that have restaurant clients in my area? I live in Harrisburg, PA. Currently, I shop for ACL, Market Force, ACE, A Closer Look, and Reality Based Group.

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Many MSCs perform restaurant mystery shops, everything from fast food to fine dining. Many shoppers are signed up with 100 companies or more. Just keep signing up with more companies, and you'll find more restaurant shops than you can handle!
You are getting good advice. Since different MSCs have different restaurant clients in various areas of the country, no on can really say which would be the best in your area. Just signing up with 5 MSCs per day from the list at the bottom of the page will be an excellent investment of your time. That is how the most successful MSers have done it, and why they will advise you to do so. btw, I do not generally do restaurants. I prefer cash.

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Coyle, Customer Impact. Coyle's shops are pretty detail demanding and intensive, btw.

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I am a foodie, and I like to eat. I would rather do it as a mystery shopper - otherwise I would not be able to afford it!
Performalogics has lots of restaurants in my area, but they are based in Canada. I'm not sure if they have any in the US.
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