Making an offer...Marketforce....

I am so angry with Marketforce right now... I keep getting automated requests and offers from schedulers to do work for Marketforce.. and they keep holding back on the additional fees being offered by schedulers and Samantha offers. I had two schedulers call me about the same shop needing to be done over an hour from my house. I know the shop needs to be done, and I was "kind". I wasn't headed in that direction, but I said I would do the shop for $15, which just covers my gas for that location... denied, not once but twice. Denied because I did the same shop without additional fees a couple months ago (when I WAS headed in that direction) I got a Samantha offer two days ago to do another shop an hour away, the offer was for $20. And they won't assign it..

I live an hour from anywhere. My car does not run on air. I told the schedulers that their new policy on making an offer doesn't apply to me. I can do shops for less when I am headed that way... but if I am not headed that way... its costs me to drive there. Their policy of looking at prior payments before approving offers... and basing offers on that...

I won't be talking to schedulers any more that call me needing help getting jobs done. When I open a time slot for your shop, then you don't assign it because I did it cheaper two months ago...well.. as I said, my car doesn't run on air. .

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That's a frustrating situation. When you make an offer and it's not accepted, does the shop remain on the board? I have had this happen where I did a shop for the base fee just because I would be in the area. Now I never make an offer for a location that I've done for just the base fee until is very late in the month. The schedulers usually call me and I can negotiate a better fee or my make an offer might be accepted. The over seas crew isn't as quick to provide an incentive for me. I wait on the call from Atlanta or somewhere else in Georgia because these schedulers usually will approve a good bonus. It could just be that someone else is willing to do the shop for less. I've never tried to assign anything with Samantha. How does that work? Is there a link to click on to accept an offer?
@edawn wrote:

. I've never tried to assign anything with Samantha. How does that work? Is there a link to click on to accept an offer?

Marketforce sends you an email offer of a price, in my case it was for $20. I provided a date when I could do the shop, but they never assigned the shop and it stayed on the board... remembering... THEY sent me the offer... I didn't make the offer.
Just got a call at 7:24 am... to do a shop that needs to be done NOW... same type of shop that was disapproved twice already this week because I asked for $15 for gas on a shop that is reimbursement only.... no... I'm not available.
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