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I completed an apartment shop for MarketStat 3 months back in May, the first and now the only shop I have completed for them. In June I forwarded the email I received from Sam Sharpe grading my report and asking about being paid because my shop was not showing up in GigSpot under my pay like usual. A completed shop is listed on an invoice or listed separately with a status. My shop wasn't ( and still isn't) showing up under Market Stat at all. In June Sam Sharpe responded to my email saying he would look into it and let me know when he had an answer. So two months now, I emailed him and the response I received is Sam Sharpe "We have no record of you completing a shop for us in May. Tus**** was shopped by another shopper in the month of May." This response saying I never completed the shop still has the forwarded email from HIM grading my report.

Now, I ask you, as a lowly shopper with not much time under my belt, I have to be concerned about my reputation. What am I suppose to do? There really is no recourse, no matter how much correspondence I have, including a copy of the report that I submitted. He'll claim "we have no record" .... so I just decided to make up a report and email correspondence because I am out to get him? Is that what they would have others believe? So frustrating!!

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I would contact a supervisor and forward the email with the grade. I've never shopped for them so I don't have any contact info to offer you.
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