Market Force Auto Assign

Has anyone signed up for this? I would love some details about how it works. Do you have any control over the dates to do the shops and the locations? For instance, I do several grocery shops for them and wouldn't mind being auto assigned, but can I select the exact locations and dates as I like to do mini routes?

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I've received several of these emails. They send an email with all the detailed information about the shop. They have certain dates that are available for you to select. If you want the shop, you simply reply to the email with the date you would like to shop. If you don't want the shop you don't have to do anything.
I have not used the auto-assigned option for one reason. They will assign you the shop at the lowest base fee. For instance, if a grocery shop is first offered for a $3 fee, that's what you will be paid. I prefer to wait until they increase payment before I accept a shop. The details of dates/locations is something I don't know. I would email the helpdesk and ask.
I have said that I don't mind auto assign and it's not very often that I get those emails. I think it's less of an occurrence than I thought it would be. Perhaps this is just my area. Not sure.
The only shops that I have seen with the 'are you willing to do this shop again? If so, can we automatically assign it to you?" are the hedgehog shops where they keep lowering the shop fee and thus, have a hard time filling them. So, I also always say NO!
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