Can someone explain KSS for me? I've signed up both with them and HS Brands, but I've noticed that at least some of HS's shops are on the KSS site. Plus I see Maritz and now a Shared Insight job as well. Are they like Sassy or Isecretshop? I'm confused. Do I need to sign up for Maritz and and Shared Insight too or can I just access their jobs through KSS and not bother? Thanks for any insight into this company you can give me.

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KSS is a scheduling company that works with other mystery shop companies. They are not a mystery shop company themselves. If you're signed up with them and pick up a shop, you'll need to be sure you're signed up for the company that actually holds the shop you're interested in performing.

Ok thanks. I wasn't sure how they worked. Do they work with any other MSC's besides the 3 I mentioned?

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.

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KSS is a scheduling company (Kern Scheduling Service). Basically companies that don't want to hire schedulers either as employees or independent contractors hire them or a company like them. Summit comes to mind as a similar company. Sometimes they hire independent schedulers instead, depending on the work load. And many of those companies hire outside schedulers only for particular shops. For instance HS Brands has both inside and outside schedulers. So does Maritz. Usually you will need to be signed up with the MSC but you don't necessarily have to be signed up for the scheduling company. If you apply for a job scheduled by KSS for Maritz you will be instructed to log into the Maritz site to complete the shop.

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It's a scheduling company that MSCs hire instead of just going to me directly and paying a decent shop fee.
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