Anyone have a Scheduler who WON'T assign you?

I've been shopping for years and get almost all of the jobs I apply for assigned to me. I noticed that when I had to cancel a shop due to the guidelines not giving the correct distance, a Scheduler who assigns shops for several companies wouldn't assign anything to me despite the fact that I'd applied within 2 seconds of the job posting. I used to get 100% of the shops I applied for with this company but now - nothing - EVER! Has anyone dealt with this? It's unfair.

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I have. I've been told that there is a team in place to do certain phone shops for one company. My response to them was "so why bait folks by posting the assignment then"?
OP, not meaning to be critical of you in any way, but I will express my thoughts since you have asked. People form impressions, and a person's perception is his reality. The MSC's/schedulers are our customers. Sometimes I go into a store where I am a customer and I get a negative perception from my visit and I avoid the store and shop in other stores. It may not be the store's "fault," it's just the way I feel because of personal perception related to the store. Why would I give my business to a store when I am annoyed when there are other stores I can give my business to? While it might be unfair to the store, I'm the customer and I can choose who I do business with. I know this is disappointing to you, but it appears from your post that your customer has a negative perception of you and you have lost her business. Is there anything you can do to correct her perception and mend fences so you might again be assigned to shops with the company?
Why don't you send Kim a VERY nice email explaining the problem and what happened, then see what happens from there?
I will try to explain to the scheduler, but I did nothing wrong. Seems like there should be an evaluation system for schedulers. I have a 100% rating with this company - that should account for something! I've also been asked (in the past) by the Scheduler to take on low paying jobs that were hours away from me. When I told her it was not justifiable, she seemed to automatically reject anything I applied for. Think she has it in for me which isn't professional.

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Compose a professional email without too much justification and absolutely NO hints of accusation. See where that goes.
I've experienced that with one particular scheduler. She never assigns me to anything. Despite the fact that my rating allows for self assign assignment, it seems all of the shops she has requires application.

I did email her politely and she replied snarkly as usual. I have enough companies that I don't need that particular msc and they pay slow too. So for now I've decided not to escalate it. I figured eventually her go to shoppers will be out of rotation.
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